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Harmony SA class ball

We teach group study skills to children Grade 4-12 in our specially designed classroom.

Using research-based approaches, we teach your child various study techniques and skills that will assist him/her in achieving academic success.

We explore various learning styles and assist your child in the discovery of his/her preferred learning style.

We run a weekly afternoon programme for learners who attend school, as well as morning sessions for home-schoolers. Session times depend on demand and spaces are limited.

The Multiple Intelligence theory was developed by Howard Gardner (1983).  He advocates that humans possess various intelligence types and that for successful learning to take place, children need to be able to explore and learn through the multiple intelligences that they inherently possess.

At Harmony Education Centre we provide learners with the opportunity to explore the visual-spacial, linguistic-verbal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic and naturalistic intelligences within the context of the theme-based units. 

We provide your child with study tips and administer practise assessments as part of the learning process.