• Harmony SA Tutor centre

The Harmony @Home tutoring facility is an ideal choice for parents who have opted to home school their children and are looking for a safe environment within a small group setting.

We cater for learners ages 6 – 13, specialising in English, Maths and Integrated Studies. We also provide online support.

We also provide daily Integrated Studies, which is based on a monthly theme incorporating the CAPS subject related content.


Reading is one of our focus areas at Harmony. English is taught using fiction and nonfiction books. The chosen books are related to the monthly themes and the CAPS content is taught through the context of the chosen literature.


We use Impaq services and CAPS aligned resources.

Maths concepts are first taught in isolation, once learners have mastered the concepts, they are required to demonstrate this mastery in real-world scenarios.

Concepts are taught to learners in small groups, individual tasks are differentiated according to learner’s individual skill levels.

Mental maths is practised on a daily basis.

Integrated Studies

Monthly themes based on a culmination of topics within the CAPS curriculum form the basis of Integrated Studies.

Learners complete various project-based activities covering a wide range of subjects.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory is applied to Integrated Studies, providing learners with a choice of activities, based on their preferred intelligence.

Values-based education is woven into the foundation of Integrated Studies, aiding learners in the positive development of their personal well-being through the development of their self-worth, empathy towards others and nature.

Home School Regulations

• Please note that you must register your child with the Education Department in order to home-school. Follow this link to register
• Harmony Education Centre uses Impaq services and resources. Please register with Impaq at this link